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Demand At Food Distribution Centers UP In Colusa County

Ministerial Association of Colusa County preparing for a county-wide food distribution outreach.

The Ministerial Association of Colusa County is an association of 21 churches and parishes, along with their ministers, that coordinates charitable endeavors, extends Christian benevolence, and community aid throughout Colusa County, Their core outreaches include: Food distribution, a senior nutrition program, housing, telehealth, transportation, and clothing.

"In these difficult times food insecurity is a growing concern here, and in communities across the nation," reports Pastor Jason McMullan of Williams Community Church.

"Our church is in partnership with the Ministerial Associations COLUSABUNDANCE program and our Food Bank partners across Northern California; we have a storehouse of food that we gladly share with our neighbors every month," says McMullan.

The last two years MACC has also managed the Christmas food basket program for Colusa County, and provided 721 families with food baskets during the 2021 holiday season.

Click here to access the page highlighting the RAPID RESPONSE food distribution centers within Colusa County, coordinated through the Ministerial Association of Colusa County.

Food Banks Are Struggling . . .

Inflation and supply chain problems mean food banks are having to buy more items on the open market, and some foods — such as pasta — can take months to arrive. Retired forklift driver Robert Walton loads his car outside a Norfolk food pantry. He shares some food with neighborhood children who he worries are missing meals. PHOTO: Eze Amos for NPR

Excerpts From NPR :: Food banks are struggling to meet higher demand because of inflation and other problems, reports Christopher Tan, president and CEO of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore (pictured below).

PHOTO: Eze Amos for NPR

At the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, Tan shows off a cavernous storage room with empty spots on its shelves. "This would normally be much fuller," he says. In part, that's because food donations are way down.

He says grocery stores got more efficient with online orders during the pandemic, so they don't have as much extra to give. Plus, supply chain delays are disrupting the normal turnover cycle. Items that used to be delivered in a few weeks may not show up for months.

PHOTO: Eze Amos for NPR

"People are showing up at food banks all over the U.S. this year, a "drumbeat of increasing demand, month over month," says Katie Fitzgerald, president of Feeding America. Food is one of the items worst hit by the highest inflation in four decades. And the cost of food and other essentials, such as gas and rent, fall hardest on lower-income households with little wiggle room.

Link to NPR Full Article by Jennifer Ludden

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If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity within Colusa County?

Community HELP is available.

Start here . . .

Williams Community Church; Williams, Calif.

Address: 315 9th St, Williams, CA 95987 Phone: (530) 473-5913

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