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Meet Colusa County Chamber of Commerce

Downtown Colusa | Photo credit: Colusa County Sun-Herald | Link

The Colusa County Chamber of Cmmerce is here to serve the businesses of Colusa County by connecting them to area residents, visitors and other businesses.

Historically, and to this day, the Chamber of Commerce remains the most trusted source of information on local businesses and services, as well as being the most dependable ally in commerce.

The Colusa County Chamber of Commerce is an interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to enhance local business opportunities and to serve our community. We are dedicated to providing the promotional services and tools we have available to our members, as well as maintaining resources and information for residents and visitors.

In 2009 the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce joined with the Economic Development Corporation and the Business and Visitor's Center to better serve the community and enhance business opportunities in Colusa County. As a business person in today’s economy, it is imperative that you apply all the tools available to you in order to succeed. Many of the tools necessary for expanding your business and reaching potential customers and clients are only available to you through your local Chamber of Commerce.

With the support of our Chamber, and the technology we make available, it is much easier for an independent business to be successful in the turbulent economic seas prevalent today. When a prospective customer looks to the local Chamber of Commerce as a trustworthy source for reputable businesses, we drive their business directly to you as a member. We exist to serve our members, to provide the resources and tools you need to maximize your success and give your business a powerful edge in today's competitive market. Learn more

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