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Online & Local Support Groups: Ultimate Guide To Over 1000 Meetings

Addiction isn't a choice.

That statement may not seem groundbreaking today, but the idea of alcoholism as an illness was a new concept in 1939 when the book Alcoholics Anonymous was first published.

Today, the 12-step recovery model is a cornerstone in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Evidence supports the effectiveness of peer-to-peer support mutual aid organizations such as AA and NA.

A study, sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), examined the effectiveness of various treatment types in reducing overall drinking and drug use, and concluded that the 12-step model resulted in the most significant long-term impact.

In addition to AA or NA, there are meetings facilitated by mental health & peer support specialists, secular support meetings, such as LifeRing, and Yoga based recovery.

Plus, faith-based groups, including Celebrate Recovery, as well as meetings for agnostics, freethinkers, and atheists on zoom.

Access To Over 1000 Recovery Meetings

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Colusa County Recovery (CCR) is a peer-run, volunteer-based, grassroots organization, of people helping people. Their mission is to build bridges that connect people to innovative recovery options, evidenced-based therapies, peer support solutions, and mutual aid organizations; where they can get the help, support, and guidance necessary, to begin their journey of healing and restoration.

If you NEED peer-support? Call 530-923-0280, CCR.

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